The Museum is in Need of Security Gates.

 At this time, we are actively seeking help to make the Museum building more secure and protect the rare and unique contents that make up the many educational exhibits.  


Can You Help?  

September 10, 2020

Dear Friends of the Museum,

For over 20 years the Museum has called downtown Bakersfield home.  We are happy to be part of the Downtown Arts and Education District. We are proud to serve our community as an Educational resource. For over 25 years the museum has been in operation, during that time the collections and educational exhibits have grown tremendously. With this growth the museum has been able to provide a wide variety of educational opportunities for children and adults.

You may have seen or heard on the News or other social media about the unfortunate event last week at the museum. A group of persons, made an encampment in the museum’s entry.  For the past few years, the museum has experienced an increase in persons vandalizing, dumping waste and trash on the property.  Most these incidents, while inconvenient and time consuming to clean up, have been on a smaller scale which staff, volunteers or myself could deal with. However, Thursday night when I arrived to check on the museum, I was completely overwhelmed by the chaos of trash and odors coming from the rotting food and piles of waste.  Additionally, there was drug paraphernalia scattered around. I called BPD and they recommended reporting it to Bakersfield Mobile app which is available to report issues throughout town. The report generates a need for help and proper equipment to clean-up.  Friday morning, we were so grateful for the crew of Ambassadors from the Bakersfield Homeless Center.  They cleaned-up, power washed and sanitized the entire entry. 

For a while the museum’s Board of Directors has considered the issues and possible solutions.  Security gates seem to be what is needed.  When getting bids, we quickly realized it was way out of our budget. Grant funding was being researched when the shut down for COVID 19 was announced.  The museum has been in survival mode since March 15th.  We continue to be closed due to the State safety rules for COVID. This closure has meant no revenue. We hope to open as soon as the Governor gives a green light and begin providing educational experiences for our visitors.  Until then, our staff and volunteers have been making science videos that can be seen here on our website.  

At this time, we are actively seeking help to make the Museum building more secure and protect the rare and unique contents that make up the many educational exhibits.  We now more than ever are in need of strong security gates for the front and back entry. We hope to find a welder or welders and enough donations to be able to build a fence with gates that can secure the building and keep the many treasures the museum has collected and preserved over the past 25 years safe from harm.    

I know this is a difficult time for many, and a donation may not be possible.  However, if you feel inclined and are able to help with a donation towards the security fence and gates, your donation will be greatly appreciated. No donation is too small, every dollar adds up. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and consider a donation. 

With sincere gratitude,  
Koral Hancharick
BVM Executive Director 

Buena Vista Museum of Natural History and Science  |  2018 Chester Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93301  |  (661) 324-6350

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