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Geology, Rocks and Minerals

Our large rock and mineral collection houses over 500 specimens of all sizes and shapes ranging from our rich local mineral resources, to those brought to earth from outer space including:


  • lava and ash specimens from volcanoes

  • Petrified wood and other plants 

  • Crystalline mineral specimens

  • Cut, carved and polished specimen

  • Glowing specimens in our fluorescent mineral display 

  • The impressive collection of the local Bakersfield Mineral Mites, a local junior rock and mineral club.


Be sure to visit our rock and mineral touch stations where you can feel and inspect over 30 touchable rock and petrified wood specimens.


Yosemite Valley
Scale Model

Our geology exhibit also features a 1:10,560 scale model of Yosemite Valley. This model, constructed by artist Mark J. Wilson, took over 500 hours and over one and a half years to create. The model is meant to depict the valley the day after a late season snowfall down to 7,000 feet, in April or May. View the model in the Geology, Rocks and Minerals exhibit on BVM's upper floor. 

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