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Preparing for Eternity
The Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

Come see over 100 objects representing over 5,000 years of daily and funerary items from one of the most significant civilizations the world has ever known!


The Miocene

Explore the local wildlife from 15 million years ago! During the Miocene epoch, Bakersfield was covered by an ocean and home to the giant megalodon!


North American Animals

Experience the rich variety of North American wildlife


von Zittel Illustrations

One of the largest collections of antique teaching scrolls by one of the preeminent paleontologists of the late 1800s


Native American Lifeways

The Yokuts were some of the earliest people to call California's central valley home! Learn more about the history and traditional knowledge of the Yokuts and other native peoples.


Rocks & Minerals

Discover the geological beauty of the Earth's rocks and minerals


The "Oh" Zone 

Learn through play at this hands-on, interactive science discovery center. It is sure to spark the minds of both the young and the young at heart.


African Animals

Discover the spectacular diversity of life with over 50 up close and personal specimens from the African continent


Paleontology Collection

Get your dinosaur fix on the upper floor!

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