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Miocene Collection

BVM is located just a few miles away from one of the most significant Miocene fossil sites in the world! 


The 15 million year old Miocene deposit at nearby Sharktooth Hill has a remarkable concentration of fossil specimens sometimes reaching up to several hundred specimens per cubic yard. This "bone-bed" is also one of the most diverse, containing an extensive list of around 140 different vertebrate species as well as many invertebrates and plants.

Much of the Miocene collection at BVM has come from specimens recovered at Sharktooth Hill. On display on BVM's main floor, you will find large specimens from Miocene baleen whales, sperm whales, the large sea lion allodesmus and the largest shark to ever exist, the giant megolodon. There are also fossils from terrestrial (land-based) Miocene species such as extinct forms of horses, camels and deer. The hippo-like desmostylus and the rare paleoparadoxia are also on display. This exhibit also provides several touchable specimens.

BVM Exhibits: Sharks and Miocene Animals of Sharktooth Hill Part 1
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BVM Exhibits: Miocene Animals of Sharktooth Hill Part 2
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BVM Exhibits: Miocene Animals of Sharktooth Hill Part 3
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