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Karl Alfred von Zittel Illustrations

"Rightfully regarded as the most eminent of all exponents in the domain of paleontology."

-Monthly Journal of Geology, 1904


German paleontologist, Karl Alfred von Zittel (1839-1904) made significant contributions to the field of paleontology, not the least of which is his monumental five-volume work Handbuch der Palaeontologie (Manual of Paleontology) completed in 1893.  In 1866, and at the young age of 27, he was appointed chair of the paleontology department at the University of Munich.


In the course of his teaching, Zittel hand-painted a series of large 3 ft by 4 ft "teaching scrolls" for the benefit of his students. 

A collection of 10 of these original scrolls, generously donated by Dave and Jill Hanley, are now on display on BVM's upper floor. 

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